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404 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR

SNAP Touchless Mist Sanitizer


SnappyScreen's luxury fine-mist diffuser that uses motion sensing technology to dispense quality, hydrating sanitizer with the simple wave of a hand. 

  • INCLUDES: 1 device (5x5in.), 1 cartridge with 3000+ sprays (6 oz.), and 1 charging cord (USB Rechargeable - lasts 8-12 hours)
  • LUXURY FRAGRANCES: Fresh aloe & crisp linen
    • Signature Scent: Notes of fresh eucalyptus & crisp mint
    • Midnight Stargazing: Soft lavender, vanilla, & ylang ylang
    • Summer Day Sorbet: Sweet mango, dragon fruit, & papaya
    • Cabana Reservation: Fresh aloe & crisp linen
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: 75% Alcohol (15% above CDC requirements)
  • FEELS LIKE 5-STARS: Infused with 3 moisturizers (Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Glycerin)