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Share the Love St. Amos Love Bracelet for Kids


In exclusive partnership with Caitlin and John Stamos, My Saint, My Hero is proud to introduce the St. Amos Share the Love Bracelet. With this purchase, you'll also participate in helping victims of child abuse.

St. Amos, a “saint for the people,” was sent from God to create unity among diversity, restore peace and dignity, and most importantly, spread LOVE – a message needed now more than ever! We want to share our love with you and those you love. Wear one, share one. Let ‘em know they’re loved. – Caitlin & John Stamos

Product Description:

  • This Share the Love St. Amos Love Bracelet for Kids comes on metallic woven cording with a sliding slip knot closure that enables the bracelet to fit nearly all children ages 5 and up. 8.5" when fully opened
  • Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Three St. Amos saint medals and a "loved" tag
  • Metals hand-cast in a sacred site in Italy
  • The card is signed with a unique message from Caitlin and John Stamos

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