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Regio Keychain in Pewter


The Regio Keychain featuring our Pewter moon charm is perfect for life roamers keen to stay connected with their sense of home and yet wish to be inspired by new adventures.

Supermoons occur when the full moon makes its closest approach to the earth, which is about every 14th full moon! Many believe that supermoons bring good luck, make you more magnetic to others, and give you a heightened sense of self-confidence. So be prepared when you carry your keys on your Regio Keychain in Pewter…you may move mountains or open doors to a world full of possibilities.

This keychain, made of stainless steel, will never tarnish or rust. It has a sleek, elegant look that makes the perfect gift for anyone.

Say thank you, congratulations, or happy birthday with a stylish and thoughtful Moonglow gift that will last a lifetime. Engrave this keychain for a fully personalized touch, pick a moon date…and we’ll do the rest.

- 1 1/2" x 1" hand-finished pewter pendant

- Stainless steel key ring

Click on the Moon Phase Calculator to find your personal moon phase.