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404 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR

Leave Tracks RBG Quote Necklace


“Whatever you choose to do, leave tracks” … as in leave tracks for others to follow your work and built on it. - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This RBG quote encourages you to let others build on the work you’re doing, and reminds us that change sometimes takes time, but it also makes me think about all the organizations out there who have already been laying the foundation and doing the work to make the change you want to see. Be sure to seek out the effective, grassroots organizations in your area, support them, and follow their tracks before you set out completely from scratch on your own. This pendant pressed with a powerful RBG quote and a set of footprints measures approximately one inch across and is available in sterling silver. The chain is 20 inches long and the clasp fastens onto any link in the chain, so you can wear it longer or shorter.