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404 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR

Inebriated Intentions Decanter | Behavior

Reclamation Etchworks' "Inebriated Intentions" series. Sweep a lovie off their feet with some smooth talkin'. Impress a bestie with a toast for the ages. Make a sibling laugh with a funny drinking quote. Say what we all are really thinking with this permanently engraved decanter. Same size and shape bottle as our Constance set. Now with wooden stoppers. These bottles have etching on one side only. ⚡️ Etched with laser precision for incredible detail 💪 Robust, thick glass for lasting durability 🧼 Permanent etching that won’t wash or wear off ♻️ Reusable product in disposable culture for lifelong enjoyment. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Crafted and made to order in Santa Rosa, CA.