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Cut Glass Ornament Scented Candle


This Cut Glass Ornament Scented Candle is the perfect way to add a holiday touch to your home. It is crafted from premium cut glass and features an ornament design, filled with a blend of Siberian Fir and warm spices for a festive scent. Illuminate your holidays with this unique festive candle.

  • Small Dimensions: 3.5"
    • Wax Weight: 100 g // 3.5 oz
    • Burn Time: 24 Hours
  • Large Dimensions: 5"
    • Wax Weight: 270 g // 9.5 oz
    • Burn Time: 48 Hours


  • Siberian Fir
    • Fragrance Notes: Fir Needle, Pine Resin, Clove Leaf, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

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