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Beauty Trio Buffer Set One


Everything you love about Spongellé in a small, convenient travel size. Each set includes 3 Body Wash Infused Spongettés.

Accepted on all airlines, nothing to spill, nothing to break, and everything you need for soft and youthful skin. One Infused Spongetté is perfect for vacations, business trips, or to take to the gym with 5+ washes.

Coconut Verbena

  • Top: Coconut, Peach
  • Middle: Jasmine, Floral
  • Base: Amber, Lemon

Freesia Pear

  • Top: Lemon, Grapefruit, Pear
  • Middle: Freesia, Peony, Floral Bouquet
  • Base Woody, Musk, Amber

French Lavender

  • Top: Hesperides
  • Middle: Tea Rose, Amber
  • Base: Lavender Tea, Spicy, Woody

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