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Be kind Balance Bracelet


Life is a balance… it is often in the slowing down that more is accomplished, in exercising that we are relaxed, and in silence that we truly communicate. The opposite is the natural state of equalizing. Wear this My Saint, My Hero bracelet as a reminder to give yourself permission to rest, to have the will to push when necessary, and to live not in excess but in moderation. When you are balanced, you are fed, and therefore giving of yourself does not empty you but fills you more!

    Product Description:

    • Adjustable cording which ranges from 6" to 9.5" circumference
    • Each bracelet is handmade in Kampala, Uganda
    • Responsibly sourced materials
    • Silver-tone metal beads
    • Metals made in Italy
    • Each piece comes with an inspirational card and re-usable cloth drawstring bag

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